Friday, March 30, 2012


The magnolia was's lost much of it's bloom now...came fast and went fast with the strange March weather...
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  1. That one beautiful magnolia tree ya have there and the pic is just stunnin'!

    Yep, the Bradford Pear is come and gone along with my oriental crabapple. The lilacs are in full bloom fillin' the yard with wonderful aromas. Thing is we live in a frost holler that gets killin' frost 'till May 15th.

    I fear for the lives of my plants this year.

    I have the air on and 90's predicted MARCH!!!

    Yep, strange weather for sure!!!

    God bless ya Miss Judy and have yourself a delightful weekend!!! :o)

  2. We don't have magnolias here so it's a treat to see them. My daughter just sent me a picture of her magnolia.

  3. Most of March looked a lot like May around here. Then towards the end, a day or two, felt like November. Nature is having serious mood-swings.


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