Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hollow tree...

A few years ago, there was a wind storm around out place.  It was in June; so many trees fell; roads were blocked, trails were blocked.  I had a picnic planned with the photo club and it had to be postponed because we could not get to the lake where the firepit is located. Things eventually got cleared up.
However, some of the trees which fell were hollow.  The above tree is about 3' in diameter; maybe a bit more.  Anyway, I have tried several times (spring, summer, fall, winter) to get a photo showing it, the insides, through the opening; just tried so many things, without the success I wanted.  I even have one with my feet sticking up into the opening.  I think my brother is going to cut it up now.  I thought a good use would be to cut in lenthwise and fill with soil to make planting pots.  Thoughts?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Red and White

Walking the other day, down by the lake then up the neighbor's place, they have this wonderful basement barn which used to be connected to the house by an underground tunnel.  The barn is still in pretty good shape, but she wants to update it and maintain it so that it does not deteriorate...They had it decorated for the winter and the light was hitting it nicely. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017


 Out enjoying the winter whiteness yesterday.  Took a bunch of photos and drained the battery on two cameras.  One camera uses AA batteries .. guess I should get the good ones ... the other camera is a rechargable; just plug in .. Any way, the weather was great, not windy or exceptionally cold. The sky was white and blue and white and blue then gray and white. It was fun to watch as when you turn your back on it, it would change and the world around you would change also.  Like the contrast of the red berries and the white snow. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Wishing everyone a safe holiday...Happy New Year...We have snow, but not enough; been getting warmer weather and it's been melting.  Thus the beautiful spring flower photo; in the rain.  2016 was not the best year for our family.  Drove to Utah in March and ended up with the flu; first time for everything, right?  Motorcycle trip got rained on. Wet and very cold stop at a motel and only stayed long enough to dry out...guess we should have rented by the hour (HAHAHA)?  Trip to the U.P. in August got cut short when a fall off the motorcycle loading ramp ended up with torn shoulder ligaments.  Clavacle bone sticking up sure does ruin the lines of a well fitting shirt.

Though my granddaughter is expecting their first child (it's a boy) in April, 2017, so we will be Great Grand Parents.  My Mother never got the chance to be a Great Grand Parent, though my Father did.  Friend of mine (who had 'adopted' me when we started working together in the 90's) died in October.  Things change all the time; I guess that's a good thing, but ...  I usually do not write much here, but been reading some stuff and thought I'd share a bit. 

Election was a bummer here; I thought Michigan was smarter than that; Hubs is furious all the time; I had to stop following some political information sites because they made him angrier.  He worries alot about all sorts of things.

Been walking a bit trying to get more exercise in our life; though I get outside and walk every day, now Hubs is joining me.  That's a good thing.  Tried painting for a while; lots of canvases on the walls.    Put photos on the walls also.  Boy was I ambitious occasionally.

Eating too much; Lots of vegetables in the summer, and lots of protein in the winter. 

Hope you have a great 2017.  I'll post occasionally; keep watching.