Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...3 Freaking Things...

Posted by PicasaWeird thieves! (I think this meme was taken from some other blog)
Magaly of Pagan culture wanted to read my 3s, so I came up with some...

3 Places I go: work, my lake place, and Pa's place

3 Crushes I have: I just love to walk in a warm rain, cats are great, Hubby especially when he's in a good mood

3 Smells I love: Rain, lilacs(flowers), and terpentine reminds me of my Grandfather (though I suppose I shouldn't say I really love the smell)

3 Favorite TV shows: current shows... I've been enjoying Modern Family and Cougar Town, Bones

3 Favorite movies: Pretty Women, Pete's Dragon (the original one), Thomas Crown Affair

3 Recommendations: compromise, smile (it's much better for you), and try again

3 People I want to read their 3's:
Debra She Who Seeks,
Far side of Fifty, and Diandra of Short Stories and Mad Rants

3 Things you don't know about me: maybe I shouldn't tell... I read weapons catalogs that come in the mail, I ride off road motorcycle, I don't like cleaning house

3 Bands I love: way back when it was the Monkees; John Denver is my fav; Abba is good listening


  1. I read weapons catalogs too! I'm a Cornell Publications: Old Gun Manuals junkie. Aren't they wonderful? I love Bones too. Did you read the books?

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Judy! I'll post my list next week. And yes, don't say you like smelling turpentine -- people might think you're some sort of addict, LOL!

  3. Judy...I don't like nor believe in cleaning the house. Seriously....a clean house is proof of a wasted life.
    Monkees??? I watched all the silly episodes and loved their music."way back when".
    Loved you answers.

  4. @Debra lol. I guess I won't say that I LOVE the smell of CLP, the cleaner, lubricant preservative used to clean guns. My name is Magaly and I have issues lol

  5. @Linda. I'm such a loser. I love cleaning my house. I plot new stories while I'm scrubbing and rearranging. It's quite relaxing ;-)


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