Monday, October 18, 2010


I know a lot of you are already looking forward to spring...
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  1. Not me. I love the fall and the winter. LOL!!!

  2. Mary...fall and winter are my favorites also...

  3. Let's not rush things here. I want my Christmas presents.

  4. Indeed! I just started growing... actually I should rephrase that. I left a chayote out on the counter for two long and it started growing. I decided to let if become what it wants, when the vine is tall enough I'll plant it. It'll be like having a bit of spring in the fall!

  5. HAHA!
    That is hilarious...
    we are having a tremdous "Indian Summer" here in Oregon...and I maybe will wait on that statement till next mo. maybe end of the week, when it starts to rain again.

    About my mare's calm attitude , at this new barn.She is takinhg her que from me firstly, but, It does astound me truly.

    It started that way...from her coming to the gate for me,the day we moved and it has continued.
    All the other horses are very calm... that makes a differance. They are into routine these horses..and nothing ever stayed the same at my last place...not feeding, turnout, or handlers. AND- my mare needs a handler that is in charge..if not, she has to be. This place is very routine and regular, with qualified horsey folk.
    The fact everyone on site is a "horse person"..and they all like her..THAT makes an impression one is afraid of her.

    So, did not sum up...but all of makes the differance.
    Thanks for asking!

  6. I sure am!! Though I am loving the fall colors...I am not a fan of the winter snows!! Sigh!


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