Friday, October 1, 2010

Bug Eyes...


  1. Beautiful bug. My daughter Shel was all about nature and bug catching/releasing until she had a terrible encounter with one of these critters. She had no idea that they would jump and bite. Well, in the bugs defense, wouldn't you get hacked off if a kid were teasing you? Anyhoo....she is scared of them and has taught the kids to be comes Oma with "Nah, just enjoy looking and don't "bug" them and they will leave you alone." Did the same with bees and all kinds of buggies to make them love the gift from the Goddess and let the fear go.
    Thanks for the photo.

  2. Hi Judy..Oh My those eyes are sure far as I know we don't have Praying Mantis here..but we do have some delightful walking sticks! :)

  3. Hi Far Side of Fifty...I really like walking sticks...don't see them often enough...might be because they look like sticks...teehee...Thanks for stopping by...

    Linda...Glad you were able to quell that fear in the grands...better to enjoy and not 'bug', eh?


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