Friday, January 8, 2010


Here's my horse eye; He's gone now. Very bad day when he went.

And my daughter's new horse,
Baca; nice horse.


  1. Cisco had a very friendly eye. We have a Cisco at "my" barn, a once-dappled gray pony. He's quite the character. Maybe it's a name thing. ;)

    Is that a pond? I've always wished there was a pond or other water body type very near to the stable. I've ridden horses on the beaches of SC before, and always dreamed of swimming with Toler. Or at least splashing--he loves to splash in puddles. I can only imagine what he'd do with actual water. XD

  2. We had Cisco for 18 years. He was a terrific guy who was very mischievous and liked to play mind games. He taught my daughter so much about riding, success, patience, life in general. He died with his head on her lap and is buried in his pasture by the lake. He enjoyed splashing in the lake, but could not swim. My daughter had a traumatic incident when he went over his head in the lake and just kept going down and pushing up off the bottom. She had to get off and push him around in the water until he could get back to the shallows. Her new horse, Baca, can swim and they have done that a few times in the lake. She does not splash as much as Cisco, but she really enjoys the water.

  3. I learned about your blog from Magaly--love photo blogs! Cisco sounds like a fantastic horse and companion for your daughter.


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