Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hollow tree...

A few years ago, there was a wind storm around out place.  It was in June; so many trees fell; roads were blocked, trails were blocked.  I had a picnic planned with the photo club and it had to be postponed because we could not get to the lake where the firepit is located. Things eventually got cleared up.
However, some of the trees which fell were hollow.  The above tree is about 3' in diameter; maybe a bit more.  Anyway, I have tried several times (spring, summer, fall, winter) to get a photo showing it, the insides, through the opening; just tried so many things, without the success I wanted.  I even have one with my feet sticking up into the opening.  I think my brother is going to cut it up now.  I thought a good use would be to cut in lenthwise and fill with soil to make planting pots.  Thoughts?


  1. It would make a wonderful planter but I suppose it would rot after time:)

    1. I suppose it could be sprayed with something to make it last, but better to just turn to more soil, eh?

  2. Neat! I had a box of walnut stored on my desk on fall to find them stolen one day. A few weeks later taking down a hollow oak tree, to my surprise, I recover them from some thieving squirrels...:)


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