Tuesday, June 19, 2012


  This spring we found some of the largest morel mushrooms I have ever seen...smashed one by accident...preserved this one and ate the others...
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  1. Huge... Wish they grew around here. I never saw on except in pictures.

  2. I hear we have them but I have never seen them in the woods. I am allergic to them anyway..and I probably wouldn't know the good ones from the bad ones:(

  3. How fabulous is that?!? We have been doing some hunting here too, but we have only found very dainty specimens thus far... Ironic for Alaska where everything is supposed to come in jumbo sizes, ha! The morels in Utah were bigger!

    Happy hunting! :)

  4. They always look like sponges to me. Like they should be used in the bathtub like loofahs.


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