Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sun Spots...

Posted by PicasaIf you put it behind a tree, you probably will not...
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  1. Thanks for the trick on sun pictures. Here we too often get beautiful sunspots when it's extremely cold.

  2. Hi you Judy!!
    Thanks for stopping by the other day...it did remind me to come over here to see you!

    I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE those Middleburg tall riding boots! I put a wool felt sole in them and it made them so compy! Your daughter has good taste. They are mostly for function, but the looks are good too.

    I got a really neat sun spot photo (Nov Goodness post)it has a rainbow too! Sometimes I like to do the thing that is not recommended, I like the abstract results. It was with my phone'camera.

    I'll try to read up about your card giveaway? Neat!
    Kacy K
    You have a lovely heartwarming time with family friends this THANKSGIVING Dear!

  3. Doctor! Doctor! I see spots before my eyes!

  4. Some times I hide behind trees..sometimes it is impossible ..but some of the flares look cool:)

  5. I kind of like the sun spots!! Makes it cool for sure!


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