Thursday, October 6, 2011


We were going to tour a few caves on this trip...

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  1. I love exploring caves. This one's a beauty.

  2. I'm all for caves... I'm the fool who gets lost every time I go on a tour because without failure I deviate from the group, by accident of course ;-)

  3. I know I'm gonna spell it wrong but....spelunking used to be something we did alot with the teenagers I taught. Then my knees went totally bad on me and I couldn't climb around and squeal as the bats flew past. Now that was a butt cheek tightening adventure. But it wasn't a tour so much as a crawl.
    We have Carlsbad Caverns here and Cave of the Winds in Colo. Springs that are the "wow, look at that" kinda caves like this one. I'm sure you had a great time ooooohing and ahhhhhing, I should would have. Oma Linda

  4. It was a good cave...however, I spent so much time keeping Hubby from falling behind that I did not get as many pics as I would have liked...maybe I'll talk him into another soon...

  5. That looks like an amazing cave. I adore caves. Their spiritual power is always strong. I like spending time in them, but i am like your husband, i am constantly struggling for balance and not slipping.

  6. I love caves. The Tiny Town was built on a cave. We're blessed with many here in the Ozarks.

    I'm so jealous...I've always wanted to go to Mt.Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

    Great pictures, as usual sweetie.

    God bless ya and have an incredible day! :o)


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