Saturday, August 20, 2011

Green Worm...

Which I believe is a tomato worm... they are so cute and so smooth...and what beautiful colors...There were two and they completely ate the ornamental pepper plant...oh well...
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  1. You get to do that kind of things when you are that pretty lol

  2. The most favorite and sought after item on my turtles food list. Never thought turtles would ove fast for muchof anything....put one of these on the ground in front of our big male turtle, Pig and zoom. Gone.

  3. Well they're cute enough to get away with it I guess.

  4. These are all over this year. Make great fish bait and the chickens love them. You just have to choose, you eat your growing food or allow this worm to do it.

    Re Jake's Johnny: Yes, I was speaking of testicles. With one descended and one not, the surgery becomes a lot more complicated and expensive to alter him...but it still makes him a stallion...


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