Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hatching Bug...

I think that both of these are the same bug...he's hatching out of one and becoming the other...hhmmm???
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  1. I think that the bottom/right bug is a Polynema wasp hatching out of a dragonfly. Some of the Polynemas have the habit of stinging and laying their eggs inside dragonflys, who go on living until they're eaten from the inside... a bit creepy but still a beautiful part of nature!

  2. Pallas Renatus...Is that what's happening??? didn't make any sense to me the way they are together...

  3. To be honest, I really can't tell for sure what the bottom/right bug is, but it's been known to happen. I might be wrong about the name Polynema, they might go for dragonfly eggs rather than the dragonflies themselves. Biology was so long ago! A quick youtube search for "parasitic wasp" will show you plenty of videos of the same sort of things happening to caterpillars and spiders, though.


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