Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Night...

Did anyone see the eclipse last night??? It was cloudy at our place...Happy Winter Solstice!!
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  1. We had cloud cover too. Solstice blessings to you, Judy!

  2. ~good morning my friend...i too the same...i set my alarm...got up to see clouds...i just went out early this morning though adn was able to stand beneath her light and capture a few photos...gorgeous is this one you haev shared...warm wishes and brightest solstice blessings upon you and yours~

  3. Now I feel like a real slug. It was clear as a bell here and I fell asleep while trying to stay awake. I felt like a kid trying to stay awake to catch Santa, but falling asleep....

  4. We sat out in the cold with a fire, blankets, zero gravity chairs and saw the beginning of the eclipse and then the clouds rolled in and we drug all our junque inside and watched until mid point on NASA website and then went to bed. I must say I was disappointed at not seeing with my own eyes in person but the cloud cover was so thick. boooooo hisssssss.
    Your moon pix make it better....thanks. TOB, Linda

  5. Beautiful photo!! I slept through it all...darn it!!
    But I understand from Linda here that it was cloudy so I didn't miss anything! Ha!
    Merry Christmas

  6. I saw a bit of an orange hue and that was it, as you already know. It was very overcast here too.


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