Monday, September 6, 2010

Motorcycle trip...

Hubs and I went on a Motorcycle trip...
we had not been on a motorcycle trip
in many years...he got a new motorcycle
and got a bee in his bonnet and wanted to ride....


  1. In your new header, is that you planting a big kiss on a (what the hell is that hairy thing) highland steer? Fun shot!

  2. I would say that is a donkey!! What a cutie pie!! Wow! That is some ride!! Bet you were sore!!

  3. How adorable is that kissin' photo? I would imagine your trip was even better on a new motorcycle. But I don't know about the 700+++miles on one. But you're a wild and crazy wife a motorcycle enthusiast so there ya go. I hope you have lots of fun.
    I wanna kiss a donkey, oh wait maybe I already do on occassion....don't tell on me. The Olde Bagg

  4. Sounds like fun (and a tender tushie maybe)!

  5. That's my daughter and her mini-donk...they are both the sweetest...

    I started riding with Hubs before he was the 1960's...started driving my own when we had the kids because we needed more room than on just one daughter used to fall asleep on the bike...she had a bar around her to keep her on...what terribly dangerous things we used to do...

    Really had a good ride...was nice except going through the city during rush hour...didn't like that at all!!!


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