Friday, July 30, 2010


This is Ely...he's a little goat...he likes to jump on vehicles and therefore must stay in his pen...although recently he has gotten so fat he doesn't jump quite as high as he used to...he has nice tufts of hair growing on his head...and cute eyes...
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  1. Eli is adorable...and you can actually see the mischievousness in his face. LOL!!!!

  2. Did you ever see that movie "Men Who Stare at Goats"? Maybe George Clooney will drop by to stare at Eli -- keep your fingers crossed!

  3. What????? George Clooney is coming by???? I am so coming right over.
    Eli is a close second to George though. Very handsome.

  4. I adore goats. They are so funny animals, full of energy, kind of stubborn. I never eat them(or lamp, or ducks). And although i love cows and piggies i can't be a vegeterian.
    I do n't know how i ended up laying on this comment all my guilt. I just meant to say, very cute picture!


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