Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mock Orange

The Mock Orange is blooming...two large shrubs/bushes at my camper by the lake...smell like orange blooms, but don't produce any fruit...
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  1. When I was a kid, my brother 12 years older than be tried to give me words to "absorb". He wanted me to have a great vocabulary. One of the words was mock. So as a smarty pants 7 year old....I asked him why would a perfectly beautiful bush that grows in our backyard be so tacky and tease other bushes and what is it called. crickets chirping.............. He didn't get it. I was in hog heaven cuz he was the biggest teaser in the family. Always tickles me when I see a "mock" orange, even after a whole lotta years. The Olde Bagg

  2. They are beautiful. I don't remember ever seeing them in person. I'd love to be able to smell one.

  3. Amazing picture girl, I can almost smell the fragrance seeping from my computer screen. We had a mock orange tree in our backyard when I was just a young farm chick.

    I've been fighting a bad case of shingles and just trying to touch base with my blogsisters.

    God bless and have a glorious day! :o)


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