Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bee Hive...

We had three paper bee hives in our pine trees last summer... wondering if we should tear them down before spring...will the bees come back to the same hive...the hives are a little worse for wear as the winter was a bit hard on them...but they are still pretty...


  1. Gorgeous!! I don't know if they come back?? Guess you will find out!!

  2. I always thought it was wasps that make paper nests and bees that used wax? Great photo either way. :O)

  3. Rachel, I believe you are correct...I seem to remember these were wasp nests...They are nastier than bees also, aren't they??

  4. Wasps are some nasty things indeed. I was stung by one, on my neck, my entire face swelled up like a balloon. I look hillarious!

  5. although I usually take anything down that would have any chance of attracting bees/wasps back.. I love this picture.... it is beautiful

  6. Magaly, it's lucky the sting did not affect your breathing...

    Mother Moon, Thank you...glad you like it...Hubby will probably be taking them down soon...warm weather is coming...


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